Clinical Strength Acne Program

Initial Back Acne Treatment $50

Includes a consultation, exfoliation, extractions and/or hydrating treatment. Receive instructions on how to use home care products. 

Acne Treatment $65
Includes acne treatment and adjust products as needed. 

  • Home care products and in-office treatments are strong, active and clinical-strength.
  • Ingredients penetrate the pore, exfoliate dead skin cells and kill bacteria.
  • Skin clears in most cases with-in several months. This greatly depends on compliance with home care and in-office treatments.
  • In-office treatments accelerate the process. (every two weeks)
  • Home care regimen is specifically designed for your skin and acne type.
  • Products will be adjusted so that your skin does not adapt and to prevent over drying and excessive irritation. 
  • Home care cost average $100-$150. Should be purchased on or before your first treatment.